Sunday, February 12, 2012

Finally: Let's begin with today

I've been thinking about starting a personal, or family blog for a while.  I think it might be an easier way to stay in touch with my family and friends. A way to have it all in one place so I'm not emailing, and calling, and posting, and texting, blogging...this may be the way to go.

So today I hear Joshua wake up.  I love it. he always has a "good morning world" kind of yell when he wakes up.  I open his door and this is what I see:

Not only is he bent over his bed trying to pick up his gears (that he no doubt threw there is the first place), he proceeds to play with them while still bent over his bed. Oh, he was stuck, but he was laughing!  It's always something new with him.

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Tulip Scrapper said...

Devra, this warmed my heart! Little Bubba is so adorable, I can just picture him doing this1