Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Yesterday, I wrote a Facebook post referencing the toughness of my little guy.  I didn't go into details. Today I am.

Yesterday, he had Septoplasty. Surgery to correct his severely deviated septum. One side has been so blocked, he's never been able to breathe out of it.We've known this most of this life, but had to wait until he was old enough to do it.  We also were trying other options to avoid surgery, but to no avail.

The surgery went well. His septum was so crooked, the doctor said it was accordianlike, but in an 'S' shape.  It wouldn't stay straight, so he had to graft in some spacers to keep it straight.

He woke up agitated, mad, confused and bloody. I was not prepared for how he would act or look.  I was nervous, but I am usually the strong one. I can usually handle anything when it comes to him.  Nope. Not yesterday. I fell apart.  He kept grabbing for me, then pushing me away. He wanted to sleep, but wasn't comfortable. He was whining and crying and trying to move around.  I felt helpless. There was absolutely nothing I could do to help him.  I got woozy and needed to sit down.  The nurse had to bring me a drink.  I put my head on John's shoulder and cried.

I wound up leaving his room to pick up his prescriptions.  When I came back, the nurse said we could go home.  He'd be more comfortable there. Once we got home, we got him settled in the Bonus Room, his favorite place.  He was still very agitated. Couldn't sit still. Couldn't make up his mind what he wanted. Couldn't get comfortable. Awful. Awful. Awful.  We followed the meds schedule, finally getting him to calm down. He never fell asleep, but he finally ate something, and ate well. After he ate, he acted himself.  He played and watched movies. He asked us to read him books. Can't believe how quickly he bounced back

Then, bedtime came and went. Still no sleep.  The strong pain meds made him hyper and agitated, not sleepy. Uh oh, we were in for a long night.  He finally fell asleep on the bonus room floor around 11:30.  That would be 30 min before his next dose of ibuprofen.  Oh well, if you know him, you never wake him up after he falls asleep.  So, the 3:00am dose got skipped as well.  4:00, he's up and confused.  Went to his room, climbed into bed, but got right out.  He's been awake ever since.

The good news is, he's eaten, played by himself, both in and out of his room.  He's smiling, laughing and interacting. He's demanding attention and the things he wants to do.  His nose is swollen today and I'm having a hard time keeping it clean. There is some slight bruising around his eyes.  We are all tired, but overall, can't complain too much.  He's acting himself 24 hours later.  He'll have a bath later and we'll hope for the best when it comes to sleep tonight.

It was a hard day on everyone.  Today is pajama day. We are doing absolutely nothing.  As I said yesterday, he is the toughest person I know.  I am so proud to say that, and so very proud to be his Mom.