Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Character

The boys are back in school after 5 days off for Mid-Winter Break.  We made the best of the time off.  Thursday I took the boys to the library. Little Bubba walked all the way in with his walker and went right to the kids section. He was more interested in the computer so we looked at pictures of Animals while Big Bubba looked for books.

Friday we went to Barnes and Noble to spend the last of the Holiday Gift Cards.  Oh my!  Little Bubba motored right on in like he owned the place!  The girl at the information desk giggled as he walked by her.  We made it to the children's area and right away, he found one of the books we needed to replace.  We are now on our third copy of Pajama Time, by Sandra Boynton, only this new copy is Super Sized! It's huge! As was the grin on his face when he saw it.  I got him over to the other books he likes, and he stood and looked at them until he had decided on one.  The hard part of going to the bookstore with him is paying for the books.  He does not like to give them up, even for a minute.  
We had to show him we ha the books in order to get him out of the store.  One of the books didn't leave his hands, until yesterday.....

I made soup for dinner and got a loaf of French Bread to have with it.  For some reason, Little Bubba took a liking to the rest of the bread sitting in the tin foil.  I tried to give him some, but I knew he didn't want any.  At first he was just touch the foil.  Next thing I know, he's just sitting at the table holding it.  john tried to take it away, and he started to throw a fit.  He wasn't bothering anyone so we left him alone.
I tried to take it away from him and he gripped it so hard he white knuckled it!  I did get it away, and he went right after it!  John quickly hid it so he couldn't find it, and genius that I am, I grabbed a plastic container and a piece of foil, wrapped it up and gave it to him.  He took it up to bed and slept with it all night.  This is what we found this morning...

He set it on the table while he ate his breakfast, carried it around with him before school.  I had to add some more foil, then sent a note to his teacher, knowing he was going to take it with him to school.  i can only imagine what it will look like when he gets home today.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Finally: Let's begin with today

I've been thinking about starting a personal, or family blog for a while.  I think it might be an easier way to stay in touch with my family and friends. A way to have it all in one place so I'm not emailing, and calling, and posting, and texting, blogging...this may be the way to go.

So today I hear Joshua wake up.  I love it. he always has a "good morning world" kind of yell when he wakes up.  I open his door and this is what I see:

Not only is he bent over his bed trying to pick up his gears (that he no doubt threw there is the first place), he proceeds to play with them while still bent over his bed. Oh, he was stuck, but he was laughing!  It's always something new with him.